Quick-reference Tools For Health Info

Personal nutritional density spreadsheet – Tool to roughly estimate my nutrient balance on a given day; based on info from “Nutrition Data” website. I copy foods into the ‘today’ sheet and it just adds up the amount of each nutrient at the bottom. Conditional formatting reflects how much I ate vs the daily recommendation.

Google Scholar – Search engine to provide only results which are scholarly articles. The first place I go to search for new research.

Nutrition Data – Vast database of nutritional info including Glycemic load, vitamin, mineral, and fat compositions for almost any food you can find.

Inflammation Factor Ratings – Database of how inflammatory or anti-inflammatory various foods are estimated to be.

Pesticide in produce rankings – Environmental Working Group’s 2014 “clean 15” and “dirty dozen” (best and worst) foods based on pesticide content (both lists are pretty much the same for 2015).

American Diabetes Association fasting BG chart
ADA’s diagnostic ranges for fasting blood glucose.